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This section of Spanish Language Methodology is dedicated to offer a tutor of Spanish Language. Also is very important at first to provide an on-line outline of the various considerations that could be defined as falling into the general realm of teaching methodology. The ways teachers have gone about the teaching of foreign languages have seen enormous changes over the past century. It is worth establishing basic definitions, looking at what "language learning principles" mean, examining the ways teaching has been accomplished in the past, what research has taught us along the way, and what is seen to be the enlightened, eclectic view of the present. Detailed summaries of various language teaching methods developed and used over the past century, including the Grammar Translation Method, The Direct Method, The Audiolingual Method, Community Language Teaching, Suggestopedia, Total Physical Response and The Natural Approach. You will learning Spanish Language with a Communicative Teaching Methodology, an effective teaching method to learn Spanish, enjoy it!. •Language teaching method's main objective: the improvement of students communication skills. •Spontaneous and creative use of language: we encourage it. Meaning is given precedence over form. •Newest and most effective methods: are used to ensure that our students learn in the best way. •An interactive and dynamic methodology: which brings real communicative situations into the classroom to help you have fun and enjoy the learning process. •A task based focus: a highly practical approach that reflects how language really happens in everyday life. •Activities: learn Spanish in the way we really use it. •Complementary teaching methods: that are used as well as our main method when required. contact me!: JUAN ANDRÉS RIQUELME IBÁÑEZ. MASTER DEGREE IN SPANISH LANGUAGE (UNIVERSITY OF SALAMANCA) E-MAIL:

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